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Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore

Social media is all pervasive, your presence can be felt everywhere with the right plan. Sitegalleria  will create compelling content, plan your media presence, frequency and set in motion the style, direction and tone of communications encompassing all social media channels.

Sitegalleria analysts formulate metrics measuring results and set benchmarks to compare competition and arrive at informed, data-driven decisions.Let’s accept the fact, people are spending more time online than ever before.

Everything they know, everything they believe and everything they do is triggered by the right content on digital media. So shouldn’t your brand be visible at the right digital touch points to engage, entice and persuade your consumers? And shouldn’t all of this be measurable with data that keeps track of your ROI?

A highly popular marketing method from our bouquet of services Sitegalleria offers is Social Media Marketing Services in Bangalore. Team Sitegalleria identifies suitable social media platforms for its clients and leverages the power of large online communities to present and share the experience of services and products.

Essentially, the SMM Agency team at Sitegalleria work on creating content suitable for each SMM platform to attract attention, create online dialogue and share/spread the message across social networks.

Information spread through social media carries more value as trusted source than professional ad campaigns or even news stories.



Now more than ever before, businesses have the opportunity to interact and engage with both potential and returning customers directly through social media platforms. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an essential form of online marketing which uses the power of social media networks to build brand image, inform and engage existing customers, and encourage conversation about a business.

Social media is a big trend, probably the biggest trend in this current era. Exploiting social media to position your business across your target market is the real challenge.

But most of the businesses are overwhelmed by this social media phenomenon and tend to lose out on their grip to leverage its potential. People have this vague restricted idea that social media is limited to social networking only like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Proper SMM (Social Media Marketing) is vital to maintaining a strong online reputation and creating branding awareness, as well as allowing customers to feel involved in a business. Sitegalleria offers a wide variety of result-based social media marketing techniques/strategy that will ensure that your business is properly positioned in the social media marketplace, which translates to wider visibility and increased sales.

As a social media marketing company in Bangalore, we recommend this popular component in every integrated marketing & communications plan. The Sitegalleria approach to SMM relies heavily on maintaining a presence creatively in relevant SMM channels and constantly keep-up, contribute to the evolving conditions.

Sitegalleria looks at the needs of your business in order to determine the best strategies for your social media activities. We look not only at your business, but the competition, as well as the communities that already exist, to see what the ideal strategy would be for you.

We help determine which social media networks are the most used by your customers and work with you to implement the processes that will make your presence on those networks a substantial part of your marketing campaign.

We create the social profiles that are right for your business, and add content and interact with the community at the times that are most valuable for gaining new customers and enticing existing customer to return.

We also provide blogs, widgets, and articles that can be used to promote your brand and image through social media networks. Sitegalleria also monitors and maintains your social network profiles, constantly updating strategies and ensuring that your online reputation and image remains at a high level, which leads to more sales and increases revenue.

Grow your business using Sitegalleria Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore

Social Media can solve various marketing problems starting from launching a product or service and generating brand-awareness, to bringing quality leads or boosting sales. As an expert social media marketing company in Bangalore, we at Sitegalleria have tried and tested various means of using social media channels in achieving good results to benefit you in your business goals.

As the top Social  marketing companies in Bangalore, our  marketing process includes creating business-oriented social profiles, social media community management, social media content creation & distribution, social media advertising & media services, social media strategy creation, full service social media management, landing page web design management, creates content for the post, managing social media page for search engine ranking and Influencer Marketing.

At Sitegalleria , we create ROI based social media marketing campaigns to interact with the community to gain new customers and make existing customer to return. We also increase your website traffic in both organic ways as well as by the paid ways, which will lead to more conversion or lead generation.

Sitegalleria will ensure that your business is properly placed in a social media marketplace, based on that we will devise result-oriented social media marketing strategy/techniques to increase your wider brand visibility and increased sales across social media platforms.

Sitegalleria digital marketing company is also one of the best social media marketing companies in Bangalore, India. Our social media marketing company will devices, social media marketing strategies to find the right target audience on social networks platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. We will also be managing social media accounts for you.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media empowers you to reach your target audience on various platforms for different purposes such as – career building platforms like LinkedIn, general socializing like Facebook, Instagram or absolute content-driven like Twitter. Social media marketing is the use of these social media platforms to connect with the relevant audience to:

  • Build brand value
  • Increase the no of leads
  • Drive relevant web traffic

This starts with writing excellent and impactful content on social media profiles, engaging and understanding followers, analyzing results, and running social media advertisements.

It is true that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are very effective ways to target and engage your audience/customers but social media is much more than that. It includes blogs, forums etc. too.

Sitegalleria Social Media Marketing Agency creates compelling content, enhances your brand presence, manages communications incorporating all social media channels, thus ensuring desired results. We have established an array of services in the social media marketing space that can be customized according to your needs.

Whether you want to just build a brand and carry out brand management activities, or drive customers and grow your business from the grass root level, Sitegalleria Social Media Marketing Agency can help you achieve it. We at Sitegalleria , devise suitable plans using highly proven methodologies and suggest the best-suited social media platforms.

While the organic social media strategies, with their slower yet personal reach, have a trusted approach, the paid ads have an impactful and commercial approach.

Basically, social media encompasses all the platforms where you can have interaction with other individuals as well as businesses via some communication medium.

A successful Social Media Marketing presence involves Multiple related elements including:

  • SEO Services       
  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Sitegalleria understands these complexities of Social Media and strives to be the best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore. Social media marketing involves managing the social media presence of a company across social media platforms.

It requires the perfect blend of focus and attitude to keep putting up unique engaging content and constantly interacts with the target audience.

Social media  marketing strategy at Sitegalleria Bangalore:

Before publishing just any content on social media, it is perhaps imperative to have a check on the social media strategy:

1. What type of content are you looking to share?

Choose a content that gains the attention of your audience in the best way. Do you choose videos, images or links? Are you planning to promote entertaining content or informative content? All of these elements put together in your marketing strategy enables social media marketing to work your way.

2. Why Social Media when I already have a website?

The answer to all these questions is Social Media marketing, at Sitegalleria agency we take pride in hosting websites and providing top-class social media services. With polls, offers, and current information, there are no limits for customer engaging experiences.  Be it a product or service, a strong digital presence can engage online customers and creates visibility in their eyes.

Ever wondered, as why companies invest in social media despite having a fully functional and responsive website? Well, a website only claims online presence and fails to connect with the people. Also, there is enough and more content but what is driving your customers to your website?

3. What is your purpose or goal?

How can social media help you to achieve your organization’s goals? An organization needs to establish its marketing purpose so that the path forward in achieving the same can be planned accordingly. If an organization intends to create or increase its brand awareness many others use social media to bring in web traffic and sales. Social media can help to create customer engagements about your brand and also act as a customer support channel by creating a community.

4. What kind of social media platform do you want to focus on?

It entirely narrows down to the kind of customers you are looking at – younger generations who are active on tik tok or Snap chat, or a little wiser crowd who prefer just the talk of the town on Twitter, or a wider array of consumers who are active both on Facebook and Instagram. It would be easy to discuss it if we chose a platform.

5. Social Media Presence for B2B customers

While a website just provides an online presence, social media bridges an establishment with its probable customers. Social Media Marketing is a tool that is used to improvise your marketing needs. It can efficiently engage and drive potential leads to your business.

Sitegalleria agency at Bangalore has special Social Media services in the case of Institutions or commercial establishments, that provide a digital presence and represent the connection in the lives of individuals.

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Insight In The Medium Of Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore

Sharing experiences and information on a topic of common interest is the fundamental function of social media. While there are several established social media platforms we also see new ones gaining popularity.

Scores of organizations have successfully gained exposure from social media by systematically placing their products prominently to remain fresh in the consumers mind.

We at Sitegalleria fully realize the potential of social media and recommend social media as an enormous advertising platform. Social media platforms have narrowed down ad placements to specific viewer such as serving a health food ad during a dietary discussion or place a car promotion in a YouTube session of car video.

Sitegalleria recommends that brands and service organizations link with social media to stay connected with end-users to stay on top of the mind.

SMM Services in Bangalore offered at Sitegalleria:


Looking to Flip pin’ Karts and turning tables in
this cut-throat world of eCommerce? You are at the right place. Hop aboard the WRM express.


We believe in creating unique brand identities that strike a human connection with your consumers and speaks to them in gestures and a language they understand and love.


Got a marketing problem? We will solve it with an online marketing strategy that’s the perfect blend of insight-led creative ideas curated in accordance with in-depth research.


Give us apples and we’ll bake you an apple pie! From digital banners, social media campaigns to outdoor hoardings, we want to lend a strong and unforgettable voice to your brand.

Our Success Stories

There are companies who don’t even have the basic idea about what to do in the social media arena. And then, some companies have an idea of what they should be doing but lack the resources or don’t have the time.

Our social media marketing services are well known for their Bull’s eye approach and the success stories of our clients speak for themselves.

Sitegalleria Social Media Marketing Company In Bangalore presents you with the perfect solution to these problems as we believe in going that extra mile to provide you with the riches that social media can offer.



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