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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not just composing the email and sending it to the contact list. Before conducting an email campaign, one has to be completely aware of privacy issues, permission limits, tracking every event of the heavy email volume, and more. Our email marketing service is the best in Bangalore as we provide high quality email marketing service at a reasonable price. Our email campaigns primarily target your promotion of the brand its products and services. Emails are sent to the thousands of targeted customers or audience straight to their inbox with very less amount of time. Our email campaigns are strategically designed so that we get responses within 24 hrs and the response are analyzed and monitored to improve the next campaign conducted.

Bulk email delivery is carried out via connectivity of SMTP server and site solutions. Email hosting is also provided by Site Galleria that connect your business to big corporate houses within a small time frame from your personal computer and gets immediate response or requirements with straight outlook with bulk email marketing. You can also deliver thousands of bulk emails in the adjacent places but not into Bangalore only, and can also promote your enterprise quite promptly.

Looking for free bulk email service? How to pick the perfect email service provider in Bangalore? There are many marketing providers in Bangalore who provides high-tech email, web, and SMS marketing platform. But, Site Galleria is India’s no.1 email marketing service provider that gives you best bulk email marketing service as per client’s requirements and come up with best email marketing solutions that are ideally customized for handling bulk email marketing.

Our Email Marketing Strategies include

The most cost-effective email marketing helps to get new clients and retain existing clients. The primary goal is to generate visibility and brand awareness of the business and its products/services. Bulk Email marketing strategy provides a wonderful opportunity to communicate with potential customers and existing clients with a variety of helpful and workable data. Site Galleria has good experience in taking complete care of email campaigns from the beginning to the end such as planning, copywriting, template blueprint, landing page blueprint, optimization of conversion, HTML coding, syndication, handling lists, monitoring, coverage, and evaluating.

Why Choose Bulk email Marketing service?

Email campaign allows you to deliver bulk emails to a huge database via mailer of your choice and database is created by storing data regarding your target audience in various categories. Some of the following benefits email service providers provide is listed below

 Promotion of your business and its products and services can be done via bulk email.

 Can reach lakhs of people at a low price and in less time. Hence it is a time effective and cost-effective strategy compared to other marketing services.

 Reduces the necessity of employing marketing professionals.

 Helps in Identifying your targeted customers and retarget them efficientlyEmail responses are got and tracked within 24 hours.