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Affilate Marketing

An online business for its consistent growth, it is always in search of new and engaging audience to improve the visibility of their products and services. Affiliate Marketing is one such great conversion channel for any online business, as it shares the task of generating huge traffic with people who help you sell your product in return of commission. In Affiliate Marketing, the business potential and its ROI, is dependent on the type of products sold, finding the right affiliates, and how well the affiliates are paid. Hence, deciding the exact strategy for guaranteed result is very crucial. At Site Galleria, we offer the best Affiliate Marketing Services to help online businesses improve visibility of their products and see huge ROI.

What is affiliate marketing & how does it work?

Affiliate marketing in simple words is promoting products or services of other businesses based on the commission when the sale is made. It’s an internet marketing services in which organisation only pays for visitor or any customer who buys the product from the affiliate markets. This is one of the most cost-effective and easiest way to earn money, which does not require to own or produce products. Affiliate Marketing just works by linking with the buyer and seller.

Affiliate marketing is emerged as the most powerful tool for marketing. It is a profitable way to target and attract online visitors/audience by means of various affiliate marketing services for the advertisement of products and services.

At stratnext, our affilliate Marketing services is sure to

Through SiteGalleria’s affiliate marketing service, you get

increased high return on investment (ROI) is witnessed.

Increased quality traffic and exposure to your products with low investment.

Promote your new offer or products to a lasertargeted market/audience.

Increased quality traffic and exposure to your products with low investment.

Prvide a low risk strategy which you are always in control of.

Affiliate Marketing services that Site Galleria provides for the visibility of your business
    •  Site Galleria everything you need to know about affiliate marketing for your business.
    •  Strategic planning is done by Site Galleria team for various promotional campaigns, recognizing affiliate and reliable networks.
    •  SEO to generate sales and affiliate programs to get target traffic and mainly focus is to magnify sales and return on investment (ROI) to increase your business.
    •  Affiliate payments methods are PPC (Pay per click), PPS (Pay per sale), PPL (Pay per lead).

Site Galleria has a strong and well connected network of major affiliate publishers in India. We also maintain utmost transparency with our clients and send regular reports, so that you are always kept updated with the progress of the work. All these makes Site Galleria, the best Affiliate Marketing service provider to our clients. Site Galleria also provides the best Website design and developmente-commerce website development and cms services Mobile apps developmentSEO andDigital Marketing Services.

Industries We Serve

We have worked across various organizations over the years and helped businesses in diverse domains. Site Galleria skilled team has good experience in developing Real Estate, Finance, Government, Travel, Retail, Healthcare and many more applications.

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