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ASO Service

App Title

Title is one of the important factors to be optimized. The Title should contain the main or primary keyword regarding your business or objective of your business. The keyword is wisely selected and placed so that it drives heavy search traffic to your app. This is the most important part of ASO. The title should contain 255 characters. The title should be carefully analyzed and selected because the title can’t be changed often. The title shouldn’t be stuffed with keywords. This doesn’t make any sense, as inappropriate titles can look spammy and can turn the user off.

App Keywords

The keywords are limited by 100 characters and are to be selected by understanding the market, competitors and popular search keywords. All the keywords change seasonally, so picking up the right keyword every time is undoubtedly a full-time job. Site Galleria analyzes the data available from the app store to pick up the appropriate keyword to optimize your app to have greater visibility in the play store.

App Reviews and Ratings

Our ASO team carefully analyzes the reviews and ratings of your app and leverage them to increase the App store search rankings. Our team also understand how users view your application and its performance and accordingly restyles it to achieve your business goals.

App Description

App description is very important in making the user understand what your app is all about. The simple, neat and right explanation of what the app serves can compel the user to download and use the app. Our experts understand the importance of description and clearly define the working of your application, in order to avoid the bad reviews and ratings, that can harm your business goals.

App Logo

App logo is the prominent feature of your app that captures user’s interest in about 3-5 seconds and app logo can depict about the app and can make the user to have a look into the app. The app logo builds your business brand. This is also an important part of your app and an important factor in the ASO process and should be built with lots of thoughts on your business serving. Site Galleria helps in designing the most compelling app logo for your mobile app.

App Screenshots

App screenshots can be used to give insights into your app and helps the user in having a better understanding of the look and functionality of the app and it can be used to highlight the best features of your app. So, the space given for the screenshots should be well utilized. Site Galleria identifies the best and attractive features of your app and displays in the screenshots and helps in reaching your business goals.

App Publisher name

The mobile apps in the play store are also searched by its publisher name at App Store. The publisher name section in the app store can be well utilized by using the popular and relevant keywords regarding the application or can be used for brand building. Site Galleria helps in researching the best keywords that best describes your app and brand to reach your business goals.

App Category

The app success can greatly depend upon the categories we select and place the app in it. Selecting the primary and secondary category for your app should be considered without fail. The right category will drive the relevant customers to your app. Site Galleria understands the serving of your app and clearly categorized and places the app under the right category to drive quality traffic to your app.

Site Galleria implements the above described best approaches to optimized the apps in play store and helps accelerate your business. Site Galleria also provides the best Web Design and development, E-commerce website development,mobile app development , Site Galleria also offers best SEO & Digital Marketing services

Industries We Serve

We have worked across various organizations over the years and helped businesses in diverse domains. Site Galleria skilled team has good experience in developing Real Estate, Finance, Government, Travel, Retail, Healthcare and many more applications.

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