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UI UX Design Training

UI/UX Training

Site Galleria provides UI/UX Design Course in Bangalore who want to build an end to end strong understanding of UI/UX and pursue career in UI/UX Design and Development field. Our UI/UX Design Training course in Bangalore is designed combining with realtime practical and theoretical aspects so that the students can work on full-fledged project and represent in their portfolio and they are empowered with working capability of handling any project from scratch using various UX methodologies. 


We provide 100% job guarantee after completion of the UI/UX Design course. Get the best UI/UX Design training in Bangalore and become a professional UI/UX Design. All our UI/UX Design trainers are very experienced IT professionals and love to share their practical knowledge with the students. This UI/UX Design course is designed to meet all level of student requirement. Our UI/UX Design trainers understand the fresher’s & working professional’s requirement and execute the training accordingly. 



What is UI/UX?

UX refers to the User Experience, which focuses on how something works and how people interact with it. UI is nothing but User Interface, focuses on the look and layout. Every web application development User interface designing and development play major role. User intraction happen to UI as soon as open webpage. The user interface will be combination of HTML4,5, CSS2,3, Javascript, Jquery, Angular , XML Parsing, JSON Parsion, API Web services. 


Why Learn UI/UX?

UI/UX jobs are always in Demand. The changing needs of customer, the competition, the need of creating visually appealing and easily navigable applications to use has created demand for UI/UX developers. The goal of UI/UX Design & Development is to design artifacts and plan user journeys through an app, website, or product, and sketching of user interface designs and specifications.  

Our UI/UX Design Course in Bangalore is a comprehensive course that helps you understand what is user experience design and modern design concepts. One gets to learn the process of User Experience Designer research and analysis, skills to design effective and compelling digital experiences across different mobile platforms, web and internet of things. Our User Interface Design Course in Bangalore




What skills will you learn in UI/UX Design Course?

Diving deep into UI/ UX and the Design Thinking process. With our UI/UX Design Course in Bangalore, You will also learn how to solve problems from scratch and creating great User Experiences. You will also get to work on a live project and get hands-on experience working with professionals. 





UI/UX Development Course Content:

Section 1: Introduction to User Experience Design
  • Aspects of Great User Experience
  • UX Vs UI
  • Roles in UX


Section 2: Careers in User Experience Design
  • Careers option in UX
  • Design Careers
  • Research Careers
  • Strategy Careers
  • Making your Career in UX


Section 3: UX Design Techniques Overview
  • What is User-Centered Design
  • UX Techniques
  • Gather and Analyse User
  • Create Personas
  • Ideation techniques
  • Scenarios and storyboarding
  • Paper Prototype design and testing
  • Plan your development cycle


Section 4: UX Design – Ideation Techniques
  • Adding Creativity to the User-Centered Design Process
  • Ideation Techniques
  • 5.UX Design – Creating Scenarios and Storyboards Techniques
  • Scenarios and Storyboards in the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Storyboards to Visualize Scenarios


Section 5: UX Design – Analyzing User Data Techniques
  • Data Analyzing in the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process
  • Gathering User Data
  • Experience Map
  • Actionable data


Section 6: Introduction to UX Prototyping
  • Prototyping Basics
  • Prototyping Processes
  • Prototyping Tools and Resources


Section 7: UX Design Techniques Paper Prototyping
  • Paper Prototyping in the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process
  • Creating a Paper Prototype
  • User Testing a Paper Prototype


Section 8: Introduction of UX Multidevice Design
  • Planning your Multidevice Project
  • Content Strategies
  • Designing for Touch Devices
  • Designing Multidevice Experience


Section 9: Practical Tips and Tricks of User Experience Design
  • Alignment
  • Proximity
  • Consistency & Repetition
  • Contrast
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Visiblity


Section 10: UX TOOLS
Axure RP
  • Prototyping fundamentals
  • Axure basics – the user interface
  • Prototype construction basics
  • Creating basic interactions
  • Advanced interactions
  • Widget libraries
  • Managing prototype change
  • UI specifications
  • Collaboration


Adobe Experience Design (XD)
  • Designing and prototyping – workflow overview
  • Working with artboards
  • Combine and mask objects
  • Working with external assets
  • Create interactive prototypes
  • Preview designs and prototypes in the preview window
  • Share designs and prototypes



How we, at Site Galleria, help you with UI/UX Design Training?

UI?UX Trainers at Site Galleria are graduates and postgraduates in design from the best design colleges such NID’s, IIT’s and with extensive experience in the UX Industry in Tier 1 and 2 companies. They have worked in a variety of domains, creating experiences in IOT, Augmented reality, Physical Computing, Virtual reality, Web, and Mobile. 


Our UI/UX Design Course in Bangalore is designed by such professionals with real time examples with hands on assignments for each student. 



Job opportunities after UI/UX Development Training:

Developers with UI/UX Design skills get placed in Top MNC like Infosys, TCS, CTS and Product based MNCs and Startup Companies. UI/UX Design has grown as quite a necessity skill for web designers and developers all over the world. Be a part of this growing trend with the Best UI/UX Design Course in Bangalore. One such institution which provides accountable UI/UX Design Training in Bangalore is Site Galleria.

Salary expectation after completion of UI/UX Development Course:

Due to growing demand for designing skills, the salary is also increasing for UI/UX Design skills. As per payscale.com Average salary package for UI/UX Design developer is ranges from 6lpa to 35lpa.



What are the prerequisites for UI/UX Design Course?

Basic knowledge in computer is good to start learning with, you don’t need any degree or diploma to secure a job, Nowadays companies are not specifically asking for qualification, instead, there are seeking trained and certified UI/UX Design developers.



UI/UX Design Training FAQs

1. Do I need to have any knowledge of the Web to join?

A: No you do not. Our UI/UX Design Course in Bangalore is designed to help you master practical UI/UX Design and are created to cater to people from every background.


2. What is the duration of UI/UX Design Training course?

A: The average course duration is about 1 – 1.5 months. However, we also offer a combination of courses as a single package. Your entire learning experience will depend on the courses you choose to sign up for.


3. Who can take the UI/UX Development Course?
  • Fresh Graduates or non-graduates.
  • Diploma holders who has basic computer knowledge.
  • Professional with experience..
  • And anyone who is interested in web designing or web developing.


4. What are the benefits of taking UI/UX Design Certification Course?

A: UI/UX Design has always been an integral and central part of the internet. Since it has overtaken all other business models and has become the most effective business model, the demand for skilled UI/UX Design developers has increased significantly. UI/UX Design is more like an art and is only limited by the imagination of the developer. It will grow and enhance with time and practice. 



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