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type of remarketing

Types of Remarketing – Complete Guide

Everyone hates ads. Or so was the belief until a recent Hubspot report stating that people don’t mind seeing ads which are relevant to them, and remarketing will help you do just that. Though remarketing is an old concept, think posters and posts reminding to sign up for a service and coupons providing discounts to regular customers, it has gained much more relevance and surged in popularity due to digital marketing.

What is Remarketing?

Targeting ads towards people who have visited your website or any other social media channel before is termed as remarketing. Even if you have an excellent website created by the best website development company in Bangalore, it is estimated that only 4% of your visitors convert into customers in their first visit. Re-marketing is a necessity not just for the growth of your business but in some cases, even survival.

Right now Google AdWords re-marketing is the most popular way of interacting with the website visitors. But it doesn’t have to be limited to it, emails are a great way to connect with prospects who might be interested in buying your products. In this article, we will discuss how you can effectively use Google Adwords and email to convert your leads to valuable customers using re-marketing. Facebook too has its own remarketing feature which is quite similar to Google’s.

Different Types of Remarketing Strategies:

Google is the best service available today when it comes to online ads. Even for their re-marketing program, they have multiple services catering to your different remarketing needs. Google has a different remarketing program for converting leads, increasing brand awareness and increasing registrations for your service. You can even access their Youtube platform for displaying remarketing ads. The re-marketing services which Google provides are:

1. Standard Re-marketing

Google has two different ways to display ads. Search Ads and Display Ads. Standard re-marketing makes use of the display ads network to show remarketing ads. Display ad network consists of ads in various blogs and websites connected to Google Adsense, Youtube and various other apps utilising Google Adsense platform. When you select the standard remarketing service, your ad will be displayed throughout the display ad network platforms where your prospective customers are visiting. To know more about how to create a standard remarketing campaign, visit here.

2. Dynamic Re-marketing:

If you are running an e-commerce platform, dynamic re-marketing can really come in handy. Dynamic Re-marketing is a modified form of standard re-marketing, which will help you display the products in the ad network which your website visitors were viewing before they left your website. This will help customers come back to where they initially started and complete the buying process. Dynamic remarketing has helped e-commerce and other online buying platforms to boost their sales. To know more about dynamic remarketing and how to set it up, you can read it here.

3. Search Re-marketing

Search ads are a feature of search ads which will display the ads in search results specifically to those users who have previously visited your website. The ads will also be displayed on websites which have subscribed to the AdSense platform. This is useful if you want to focus your marketing efforts on those who have already visited your website rather than trying to get new leads by focusing on target keywords. This is reported to have a higher click-through rate and conversion rate. It will enable you to bid a larger amount, increasing the chances of displaying your ads in search results. To know more about how to set up a search remarketing campaign. Click here.

4. Video Re-marketing

Though video ads are considered to be a part of a Display ad network by Google. You can specifically target an audience in their Youtube platform. Video remarketing will display ads to the viewers of their YouTube who have previously visited your website. To access this service, you need to connect your YouTube channel to your Google Adwords account. This option will also help you target ads to viewers who have watched any of the videos in your YouTube channel.

5. Target Re-marketing

If you have got a list containing the information of users already at hand. You can make use of Target remarketing or Customer list remarketing option. Google lets you upload a list containing details of customers in their Adwords platform and you can target your ads specifically to those customers. This is an effective form of remarketing which lets you access your previous customers and visitors which are not obtained through any of Google’s products or not enlisted in their database.

How to Gain Old Customers Back?

Even though Google re-marketing is effective, it can be a tad expensive. Email marketing, on the other hand, provides a whole range of other options to engage with your leads while being relatively inexpensive. While the remarketing involves both email ads and normal emails, we are going to focus on how to optimise remarketing campaigns for normal emails.

Emails are a great way to engage with your target audience and generally has a higher engagement and click-through rate of any digital marketing channel. What is surprising is it is much more effective as a re-marketing channel. Most of the users forget that they have a purchase left hanging and would usually return to buy back the product if they are provided with reminders. Emails are the perfect way to do just that. Most of the customers don’t pay attention to ads, but will actively scan their inbox. Most email campaigns who have immediately sent an email after a customer has left a cart or service midway before purchasing, have higher clickthrough and sales completion rate. Services which have sent a series of email reminders over time is observed to have even higher-order completion rates.

Another benefit of email remarketing is the utilisation of much more accurate targeting when compared to Google Ads. With email re-marketing, you can target only those customers who have left the cart midway, rather than include ones who have just visited the website. This decreases the number of unsubscribers and has a much higher clickthrough rate. In some cases, email remarketing has contributed to a sales increase of up to 1000%!

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